Just like Koh-i-noor, the Orlov also comes from India and its history begins in the 18th century. A french person reached surangam in Madras and heard about the temple, where there was a god idol with both eyes having diamond in it which was very common during those time out of which one was very remarkable, since it was blue-green color, because of its color it named “Sun of the see” the stone was into Indian rose and has the form and dimension is half the egg and weight around 194.75 carats.

As time passed and its reality became popular it was then stone and solid in London at 12000 pounds, the person who purchased and sold to Grigory Grigorievith Orlov in Amsterdam, after that the fabulous stone was offered to Catherine for her feast day. 

Catherine accepted the present but never ware the gem and placed it in the imperial scepter of rusta

It’s still there and can be admired in the treasure of the Kremun.

Since the time of its shift to Catherine the stone  was known as “The Orlov”