In 1905, Mr. Frederick wells, the supervisor of the Premier Nine, discovered the largest diamond ever while performing routine supervision, but thinking was joked by co-workers with shiny glass. Later several tests were performed and it was largest gem quality Diamond ever extracted, with total weight 3,106 carats or 600 grams approximately, which measured around 5x6x10 cm and was than named for the man who opened the premier Nine: SIR THOMAS CULLINAN.

SIR THOMAS, offered it to king EDWARD — for his 66th birthday anniversary on Nov. 9, 19— and than was given to the famous cutting company, who have the experience for cutting largest stones. The CULLINAN was analyzed for months and finally planning was done for cutting which was sectioned and divided into 9 major gems according to its cleavage —inclusions. These 9 man stones were the part of crown Jewels of “Royal Family of Great —“