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“INARI By Ankita” In 2003 first opened its entryways, a custom, magnificent service, quality and value was convinced. As the years passed that conventions turned out to be increasingly more settled in by the way we approach our business.

INARI By Ankita recognized that the present clients are progressively refined and that preferences are increasingly individualized. 

So as to give these clients the most abnormal amount of administration, we offer a cutting-edge shop fit for making only the correct piece for your gemstones or our own. 

For more than 20 years “INARI By Ankita” has been giving our clients extraordinary items supported by unrivalled administration. With its rich convention and value of mind.

INARI By Ankita anticipates a lot of more many years of administration clients who have & performed regard for quality, a hunger for information and a craving for a confiding in association with an extremely customized firm. It is our own longing that our sale will proceed with that convention.

Ankita Agrawal Since my young year, I have been known as a “Fashionista” and have dependably been enthusiastic about wearing perfect adornments. After adornment classes, I structured my very own gems and made numerous cheeky plans utilizing splendid miniaturized scale clear INARI BY ANKITA. Small-scale clear INARI BY ANKITA are wonderful, they have bling, they are moderate and they centering advanced to all ages. When I wear my unique gem manifestations, companions, Just outsiders stop me and remark on my excellent adornments. I welcome every one of you to go along with me and the company “ INARI BY ANKITA” THE MOMENTS. “FROM MINES TO SHINES


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100% Real

Our purpose is to create real fine jewellery collections at astronomically affordable pricing. When you wear jewellery, you make a statement that goes beyond your sense of fashion because we believe that luxury shouldn’t be at the expense of the environment.

100% Quality

We commit to providing magnificent jewellery with the most exceptional polish in order to produce highly attractive designs and experiences that go above and beyond what our customers anticipate. We take pride in offering high-quality jewellery and in helping you design the jewellery of your dreams.

100% Ethical

We give our clients the option to select an ethical, high-quality diamond that is both reasonably priced and environmentally friendly. Before coming to existence, a single piece of jewellery travels a long way. The jewellery will only become special for you when they are able to extract the emotion from it.