Inari by Ankita celebrates your distinctive style with custom-made designs.

A piece of jewellery serves as a visual expression of your unique style, showcasing your preferences, personality, and distinctive sense of fashion. We provide a variety of handcrafted jewellery styles for you to pick from. Our collection of bespoke jewellery will fascinate you whether it’s a much-anticipated family event, a glam party, or just another workday, especially since we create it to your specific tastes and requirements.

We believe that customisation is the most important part of handcrafted jewellery. After all, your jewellery is precious, and you would cherish it for years to come – so, why not customise it as per your taste to enjoy it forever? Choose one of the exquisite designs from our custom-made collection, lovingly handcrafted only on request, to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

The joy of choosing something hesitantly from a small selection is incomparable to the joy of having something that is entirely yours. Your jewellery gains value and beauty at every stage of the customer journey. Why shouldn’t your jewellery be worth the time, effort, and creativity that went into making it for you?

    Upload image of the jewellery you wish to manufacture by us or insert product code of any jewellery available on inaribyankita and ask for customization.

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    You agree to not send us copyright designs. You may use these designs as inspirations and we can help you design a completely unique jewellery piece.